Wordly Collective FAQ

What is Wordly Collective about?

Wordly Collective is a not-for-profit social enterprise which aims to help minority language community flourish using the languages they value most.

We envision this to be done through innovative collaborations with the public and private sectors, civil society and the global translator community. 

We seek to empower marginalized minority language communities, help more people step out of poverty, create localized information that will improve overall health and well-being and improve access to education.


What is asymmetric information?

Asymmetric information, also known as "information failure," occurs when one party is missing out on information or knowledge.  Asymmetric information is keeping the vulnerable in the rut and keeping them from making informed decisions, leaving them in cycles of poverty and exploitation.

Why the focus on minority languages?

When taught in their local language, students readily transfer literacy skills to official languages of education, acquiring essential tools for life-long learning. The results are the growth of self-esteem and a community that is better equipped to become literate in languages of wider communication.

For example, the test scores on the standardized government tests for the students taught in their mother tongue surpassed those for the students taught only in Spanish, even though the tests were in Spanish.

Income improvement and hunger relief within minority language communities is achieved when life-changing information is communicated in a language that people understand well.  Higher literacy rates often result in higher per capita incomes.

For example, literacy gives farmers access to information about improved farming methods, the use of fertilizers and other products as well as significant agricultural dates.

How does Wordly Collective make a difference?

We support individual requestors who need translation services (e.g. migrant workers who needs help understanding a contract he has to sign) and Civil Societies who need to translate their documents, articles or videos to be able to reach a wider audience and be more effective and efficient in their work, helping people and communities they are working with.


How are your partnering with SIL?

SIL and Wordly Collective are developing a platform for bringing requestor and translators together.  The plan is to focus on minority languages to address problems and challenges arising from information asymmetry. The platform provides for the necessary foundation for successful language development of minority languages while advancing AI to support future translations.


How can I help?

We welcome volunteers who would like to work with the migrant workers as we have projects to help this community.  We are also looking for people who can do translation especially in South East Asia and South Asia languages or dialects. 

Please contact us at hello@wordly.sg